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November Club Meeting - Iron Brewer Judging

OK club - it's time for the brewers to bring in their beers that the teams brewed in September. The secret ingredients were a Fruit puree and a spice/flower. We chose two this time to challenge the brewers. We need some judges for the formal BJCP style judging. Please volunteer. The rest of the club will judge like they do for people's choice.

Make sure the ingredients are present in the beer and judge to the style chosen by the brewing team.

Brewing Teams - bring in your beer spec sheet and at least a growler of the beer. Prefer one growler for the people's choice judging and maybe one smaller bottle for the main judges. Be prepared to talk about your beer as people approach you at the teams table to try the beer.

Where - Tualatin Stickmen Brewing Hall

When - 11/18/2019, 7pm

Yes, you can bring some of your homebrew but make sure the focus is on the Iron Brewer beers.

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